Inis Mil Seafood Ltd is a Irish seafood company based in Donegal. We specialize in fishing, production, domestic and international sales. Our mission is to bring the best from the Irish Sea to all of our customers across the world.

Inis Mil Seafood Ltd is a cost-effective operation founded by solid owners with steady goals and ambitions. Inis Mil Seafood Ltd and its partners have an experienced workforce with commodity knowledge and manufacturing expertise. We are an integrated and innovative player in the field of customized solutions for quality seafood. Together with our partners we offer a wide range of high-quality products from the Irish Sea. We are experts at providing customized solutions that fit our customers’ needs and requirements. Our vision is to become a considerable player in the field of Ireland seafood. We strive to be the ideal team player for our partners across different markets, such as Ireland, Europe and Asia. To achieve this we offer high-quality products, customized solutions, top of the class service and competitive prices.