We aim to be the best, not only in terms of price and service, but also in terms product quality and sustainability. Sustainability is key to preserving the industry’s resources and to keep them prospering in the cold and wild waters of the Irish coast. Therefore, we make sure that our production is environmentally responsible, and we take pride in producing food that is good, safe and healthy for the consumer.



MSC logo

Inis Mil Seafoo Ltd is MSC certified, permitting us to sell MSC certified seafood from sustainable fisheries that minimize their environmental impact. MSC is the world’s leading certification program and meets the highest benchmarks for credible certification and ecolabelling programs. We are proud to deliver sustainable high-quality seafood products to our customers around the world.



ASC logo

Aquaculture is a great part of the Irish fish industry, and the demand for sustainable alternatives is becoming more prevalent. Inis Mil Seafood got its ASC-sertification in 2016, and we are proud to do our part to minimize our impact on the environment.


HACCP- Hazard Analysis and Critical ControlPoint.
The certificate shows that Inis Mil Seafood ltd's line of products are manufactured in accordance with all requirements related to food safety.
Global G.A.P - International standard that involves production at all levels

International standard that maintains production at all levels. Animal welfare and health, food safety, environmental conservation, as well as health and welfare of the employees. The certificate shows that our production complies with this international standard at all levels.
ISO 9001 - International standard for good quality assurance and quality management